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Riding bikes since 1978. Covered thousands of miles touring around UK & Europe.

My 1st bike was a Honda CB250 Dream which I took my test on back in 1979.

Other bikes owned include: Kawasaki Z400 B1, Yamaha XJ600, Honda GL1100, 1200 and 1500 Goldwing’s.

Current bikes are ‘02 Honda STX1300 Pan European + ’07 BMW R1200GSA.



I worked for Harris the butchers for a short while after leaving school (1978) while I waited for my joining date for the Royal Navy.  I served 11 years in the RN , having loads of fun jollying round the world and not so much fun taking part in the Falklands Conflict. After leaving the RN in 1989 I had various truck driving jobs before going back to sea with P&O for 7 years working on the Pride of Le Havre cross channel ferry.

I Left the sea behind in 2002 and started working again as a truck driver for Veolia Environmental Svcs., where I finished up driving a desk.


Why am I doing this?

I have always wanted to do a “BIG” trip, so far the longest I have done is an 8,000 miler around Europe riding from Portsmouth UK down to Benidorm in Spain and then up to Arhus in Denmark.

Since leaving the Navy I’ve been stationary to long in one place and the need to travel has reared itself once again. I want to explore and experience different Countries and Cultures. I want the challenge, and to prove to myself that I can do it.













Sturmey Archer 3 speed, Honda C90 Step thru.

Currently taking lessons for Bike test.

Passed test 20/11/2007 now riding Honda CB Two Fifty N.



I left school (1979) and joined the WRNS. I served 13 years in the WRNS, met Kev, and had a great time.

I tried various Agency roles after leaving the WRNS, went back to the MOD as a Security Guard for a year then settled in to my last position with a Defence Company.


Why am I doing this?

There is a fine line between bravery and madness, I haven’t decided which side I am on yet, besides, I am the Navigator and Kev would get lost without me!!!! I also have the travel bug and would like to experience different cultures.

Taking the Long Way Home

An Adventure of a Lifetime


Two People, One Bike, One World.