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There won’t be a great deal happening throughout the European leg. As we have done most of Europe before, this is just a blast through France to our house in the Dordogne, where we will have a couple of days before going on to see friends in Spain, and a couple of days in Gibraltar before moving on to Morocco where the Adventure begins for real.


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Jan 02nd-08th 2009

A cold run through France and Spain.

Nearly ran out of petrol, and not even out of Europe yet!!

Jan 08th -18th 2009

A bit of a long stay at JP & Beccy’s due to not moving on to our other friends at Malaga.




Proposed Route.

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3 Countries and 1528 miles


We’re off!

Date: 02/01/09 - 21/01/09

Jan 18th - 20th 2009

A couple of days at The Hotel Reina Cristina at Algeciras with a day trip to Gibraltar, wet and windy. We also sorted our tickets for the crossing to Morocco.