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After weeks of waiting to get my hands on the keys to the new GS, the day finally arrives. Today I picked up the bike from Bahnstormer BMW in Faringdon, Hants. It is now starting to feel like the adventure is underway, now I just need to get the bike kitted up and get some miles on her to get used to the way she moves and grooves.

The GS is tall !, I can only just tip-toe both feet on the ground at a standstill so have to watch myself at junctions etc. Apart from the height of the bike which is not a major problem, I’m well pleased. Should be better with a low seat.


Kev & Lorraine outside Bahnstormer BMW Farringdon with the new GS.

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Date: 18/09/2007

New GS Arrives Today.

Date: 15/11/2007

Broken GS!!!

Took the bike out today for it’s and my first attempt at a bit of “off roading” with Joe on his Gilera 350. Started off quite well through the back lanes of Denmead and Cowplain, a bit slippery but manageable, then onto my first track! A grass track only a couple of hundred meters long but very lumpy. I was enjoying myself thinking “this isn’t too bad” when we came across a couple of hikers coming towards us, eased off the throttle and the next thing I know the bikes jumped sideways and thrown me off on the right side at about 2-3mph. The bike is still running on it’s side (why no tilt switch??) so I hit the kill switch then get the bike upright. After getting my breath back, turn on the ignition and press the starter…… Nothing but a “CLUNK” from the engine, two or three more tries with the same result and we decide to push it out onto the road to get a better look. Right hand rocker protector is bent and hand guard broken, nothing else obvious so I phone Bahnstormer for advice. Removed and replaced solenoid relay which doesn’t cure it. Call out BMW Rescue and try to bump it to free up the starter motor and it still doesn’t want to know so time to get it recovered.

A week later and the bike is still in Bahnstormer and not running. Watching Charley and Ewan on LWD and they are chucking them down regularly and having no problems. Did I get a Friday bike!? What if I hadn’t come off till I was out in the middle of nowhere!? A bit worrying to say the least.

Date: 20/11/2007

Lorraine passes her test.

Told you that you could do it, well done.

Date: 27/11/2007

GS Fixed… I hope!

Eventually managed to get the bike out of Bahnstormer today.

The problem was put down to a faulty component in the starter motor, so starter motor and battery replaced and all’s well again. Bahnstormer replaced the broken part of the hand guard FOC! but couldn’t get the cylinder head cover protector back on because one of the mounts was bent!! That’ll be a job for the fitters at work then when they can spare the two minutes it will take to put a bit of heat on it. (Repaired by Joe in the end!)





Date: 21st & 22nd May 2008

BMW Off Road Riding Course.



A great two days of learning how to ride off road. Highly recommended. Both days packed with lots of riding and instruction. I didn’t have time to take any pics or video but you can access video below.


Click on the links below for YouTube video’s of the BMW  Off Road Riding Skills Course.
























Date: 09/07/2008


Collected Panniers from Metal Mule today. They look good on the bike .. and the new exhaust sounds sweet!















Date: 08/10/2008

Bike back into the workshop!!


17/09/2008—Spotted a patch of oil on the deck under the bike, proved to be coming from the rear shock. Earliest I could get it booked in was 8th Oct. Bahnstormer replaced the shock with a new unit .. Hope it lasts longer than the 2700 miles the original did!!!


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