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Mar 25th - Oct 6th 2010

United Kingdom


25/03 - 06/10/2010

So here we are back in good old UK, it’s freezing!!

We are picked up from Heathrow by Andy, a friend of ours, and dropped off in Southampton at my Mothers house, who has kindly said we can stay with her while we are back as our house in Portsmouth is being rented.


We have a few appointments to make and a few people to see so we are keeping our return a bit quiet until we have managed to sort out our problems.

Within a couple of weeks we are back online and wondering why the a**e holes we have had to deal with could not have sorted everything while we were away, so easy for them to put the fault at our feet when they are on the other end of a telephone but facing them down they admit their mistakes. And no one wants to refund the £2000 it has cost us to fly home to put all their mistakes right!!!!

Time to surprise a few friends and let them know we are back in the UK.


Now to find a job while we are here. I walk back into my old place of work and get a job no problem, not the position I had when I left but back to the driving side of things, makes a nice change! And I really enjoyed it.

Lorraine is struggling to find anything she likes and ends up taking a part time job at Asda, which works out to be not that bad after all.


We took two weeks out to go to France and sort out the house there with the intention of putting it on the market for sale.. Arriving at 03:00, we are greeted by no electricity, which we later found out was due to the local fire brigade cutting the main supply after a fire in the cable.

The house was in a bad state but not as bad as we had thought. A solid two weeks work cleaning and repairing the walls and ceilings and drying the place out and everything is good again.

Driving around the area we realise that we like it here too much to flog it and we will try to let it again.

Another lesson learnt, instead of renting privately we have now put the house in the hands of a letting agent so hopefully we will have some comeback if tenants prove to be a problem in future.


Prior to flying home we had received an invite from Ian (overland trombone who we met in Africa) to his wedding so we spent a few days in Shrewsbury to attend. Great to meet up with you again Ian and to finally meet you Stephanie.


One week before we are due to leave, Lorraine goes and snaps a muscle in her leg playing volleyball. Luckily it wasn't cruciate ligaments like she did before and she should be ok to throw a leg over the bike shortly.


Six months have gone by so fast and it’s time to return to Argentina and carry on with our trip. We have had a good break, probably needed it after 14 months on the road but we are ready to resume.

It was great to catch up with our friends albeit briefly.

Thanks to my Mother for putting us up and putting up with us destroying her routine (and her hedge when I dropped the Pan!!) while we were there.



The coach from Southampton to Heathrow is running late, Lorraine is thinking we might be at the wrong pick up ..

No faith!!

Eventually the coach arrives, 20 minutes late but we are soon loaded and on our way arriving at Heathrow on time.  Bags are dropped after being shuffled from one point to another to check ourselves in .. Why didn't we use the online check in before leaving??? The plane is full and we cant get seats together though they might be able to sort something out onboard, we’ll see! Now we have a couple of hours hanging about waiting for boarding, nothing for it but hit the fags hard!!

We have a gate and go through to check in our carry on luggage. Lorraine had picked up a clear bag to stick all her lotions and potions in and then promptly stuffed it in her rucksack out of sight, I think that may have been what caused the obnoxious tart on the check in to make us empty our bags “the point of the bags is so we can see what you have”, she said. Then she took the curry paste, marmite and mango chutneys we were taking back for John & Annette and told us we couldn't take them as they were “Dangerous”, what are we going to do? Cook up an extremely hot vindaloo!!!! Bloody red tape.

Must save them a fortune at Tesco’s.

The plane is loaded and we are in the air on  time at 21:50. When the seat belt lights go off all the moving around begins, we and a lot of other people who were told there weren't any seats together manage to find seats together without to much hassle.




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